Energy-efficient outer entrance GT DOORS


logogtThe TUR-PLAST company from Czaplinek has the pleasure to present you our range of top quality energy-saving doors of excellent thermal insulation. Our designers, when preparing the range, took into account application of the doors in energy-saving and passive houses.

After the tests performed in Laboratorium Techniki Budowlanej LTB [a laboratory that performs preliminary type tests of doors and windows] in Dąbrowa Górnicza, our products obtained appropriate certifications. The GT doors of the TOR-PLAST company offer a perfect combination of state-of-the-art technological solutions and modern design. This is why, the energy-efficient outer doors are a perfect choice for many years. gtdoors



  • Opening inwards or outwards
  • Resistance to bulrglary: class RC2-EN 1627 (formerly known as WK-2)
  • Heat transfer coeficcient Uw=0,92 W/m2 K


  • 3 chamber, aluminium, thermal spacer, isolated by aerogel (material with excellent thermal insulation)
  • Frame width 70 mm


  • Composit with a poliester cover with fiberglass
  • Casement width 60 mm
  • Casement insulation – freonfree polyurethane foam with high density

Hinges – SFS intec, steel, cold forged ( very resistant) 3 point lock made of strainless steel by company KVF – automatic Profile cylinder Wilka class C PN:EN 1303 : 2007 Thermally insulated, aluminium threshold Seals made of EPDM Width of glazing package 55 mm Uw=0,7 W/m2 K Anti-burglar door handle made of strainless steel


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