PVC doors


drzwi_zewnetrzne_pcv_profil_schucoThe doors produced by Schüco are made of high-impact PVC, highly resistant to all kinds of deformation. Desirable thermal insulation is provided by multi-chamber profiles, and steel reinforcements of both large size and appropriate thickness contribute to the stability and rigidity of the doors. Profile construction allows the fitting of locks with multi-point bolts as well as reinforced locking elements. This solution enables long-term exploitation of the doors with high safety factors. In addition to this, each outer PVC door has a low aluminum threshold with a thermal sealing pad.


The door filling comprises of two plastic composite panels, separated with polyurethane foam. Such a combination allows for maximum thermal insulation. The panels can be decorated with various glass or ornamental elements. The surface layer of the PVC panel is covered with high quality foil or acrylic lacquer with proven resistance to UV radiation and changeable weather conditions. Our offer includes the door types presented below, however, we are ready to provide you with customized products uniquely suited to your requirements.



Due to the specification of performance we can distinguish between:


doors open inwards doors open to the outside double doors single door with side screen single door with top screen
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