HS ThermoSlide New generation sliding doors


We have the pleasure to present you our new product – HS Schuco ThermoSlide lift and sidle doors. This is an unbeatable combination of beautiful design and comfort in your house.

termoslideMain advantages:

  1. A special thermal break integrated with some additional insulators prevents the occurrence of the so called “thermal bridges”;
  2. The door threshold is flat, levelled with the ground and hence, allows for free walking with no risk of tripping;
  3. Slender door structure and maximum leaf dimensions ensure comfort and optimum illumination;
  4. Triple-insulated threshold prevents the occurrence of the so called “cold areas” within the floor area.


  • The leaf slides within its own frame and hence, we have more usable area left;
  • Thanks to guide rail systems and sliding gaskets, sliding the HS doors is effortless, and also the doors offer high durability and tightness.
  • The door leaf is equipped with a lock which makes it possible to set the door in the trickle ventilation position without the risk of burglary.
  • The most distinctive feature of the HS door is its size. Its cross-section is 219 mm thick. It is possible to apply wide packs of warm complex panes.
  • The frame and threshold are equipped with special thermal breaks and hence, the ThermoSlide HS door meets the highest energy requirements of passive houses.

Technical parameters:

  • termohsFive-chamber leaf profile, 82 mm deep
  • Seven-chamber frame profile, 219 mm deep, providing top reliability
  • Very high thermal insulation Uw=0,8 W/(m2K)
  • Threshold with triple thermal insulation
  • Maximum leaf weight 400 kg
  • Anti-burglary protection, up to the RC2/WK2 class (currently being tested)
  • Possible application of two-chamber glass panes up to 52 mm
  • Excellent acoustic insulation parameters
  • Possible option with a flat threshold causing no access barriers.

ThermoSlide HS is the best combination of state-of-the-art technology with comfort, security and modern design. With our product you can afford a bit of luxury in your own house.