The elegant internal window board


PARAPETY_parapet_i_logoCreate a sophisticated ambience by choosing perfectly shaped, decorative window boards. We ofer a great variety of attractive finishes. The surfaces, sensibly warm to the touch, radiate ease and comfort. LIGNODUR® internal window boards are suitable for housing in the private as well as public sector, like kindergartens, schools, nursing homes and hospitals.

In view of the protection of natural ressources LIGNODUR® internal window boards are produced in Germany. Only wood fibres from PEFC certified suppliers are used, i.e. that only fast growing domestic soft wood from sustainable forest management plus high-grade, unmixed polymers are processed into a wood composite material. Imported wood, especially tropical wood, is not used.


Advantages of our products:



  • PARAPETY_zalety_cz3easy maintenance using standard household cleaners
  • looks like stone, but lighter than stone
  • highly resistant to UV/ light
  • temperature resistant: -30°C up to +70°C
  • reaction to fire B 2 – self-extinguishing material
  • high-grade laminate finish
  • excellent insulating properties thanks to the hollow chamber
    profile (thermal bridge)