WINDOWS from Poland: functionality / comfort / aesthetics / effective thermal insulation.


oknaChoice of the right window is a serious decision which involves investing some money. When choosing windows, customers should make sure if the product goes well with the design of their flat or house, if its operation is convenient, if it helps to save energy, and finally if it guarantees maximum security.

A window is a combination of profiles, complex window panes, fittings, seals and other additional accessories. Each of the elements has a great influence on such window qualities as aesthetics, comfort, security and energy efficiency. This is why, when buying windows, it is important to pay attention to their individual elements. Window profiles determine the durability and tightness of the entire window structure.

Window panes constitute about 65-85% of the whole window surface and hence, they influence significantly such window qualities as energy efficiency and security. Fittings and seals contribute to acoustic and thermal insulation and guarantee security and convenient operation. Additional accessories enhance aesthetic aspects and convenience of use.



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