logo_hoppeFor white windows we use aesthetic white handles of the renowned FKS company. For the windows with double-sided veneer we choose handles of the HOPPE company, which offer ergonomic and elegant design.


Available versions of the product:


The SECOUSTIK type – the handle is equipped with a patented blocking mechanism preventing any possible manipulation from the outside by moving the boundary fitting. The characteristic click sound at turning the handle signals that the security function is active.





SECURE HANDLE WITH A PUSH BUTTON – the handle can be turned only after pressing the button – it prevents opening a window from the outside, it is a standard option in WK-1 type anti-burglary fittings, and is equipped with an anti-drilling plate as well.




ANTI-BURGLARY HANDLE (with a key) – removing the key blocks the door- handle, which cannot be turned – it protects against possible window opening from the outside, it is a standard option in anti-burglary fittings of the WK-2 type. This door- handle type, similarly to the push-button one, is recommended for upstairs balcony doors so as to prevent them from being opened by children.