System for sliding windows







The UG sliding structures are intended for residential buildings, mainly private and public buildings. The system is adapted to the latest requirements relating to thermal performance, aesthetics and safety. 


  • the system is equipped with a 22 mm/28mm wide separator improved with glass fibre;
  • thermal inserts and under-glass inserts to improve cross-sectional thermal performance;


Available options: UG, UG i, UG i+.

The ULTRAGLIDE system makes it possible to design large – but still stable – sliding windows and doors. Maximum leaf weight: 250 kg – sliding option; 400 kg – lift-sliding option.



ULTRAGLIDE – low threshold option


The low-threshold model is a solution to improve building accessibility for disabled people. The low-threshold option prevents edge offset at the door-floor contact and enables threshold-floor flushing. A modern structure and lift-sliding hardware in low-threshold UG system provides convenient use, enhanced usefulness and an elegant design.

  • maximum leaf weight: 400 kg
  • possible structure variants: 2-, 4- component based on a two-rail frame