Roof windows


dach_oknaThe climate of a functional attic mostly depends on roof windows. When designing the attic, it is important to take into consideration such window aspects as its dimensions, insulation, sun protection and the mode of operation. The Roto solution is able to meet all the expectations. The range of Designo roof windows gives you limitless possibilities when designing the interior of your attic, offering you a bit of your own heaven, and at the same time, takes care of your security and thanks to well-designed energy-saving solutions, helps to lower your bills.


Advantages of the ROTO DESIGN roof windows:

The highest security class – four-point bolting – better protection against burglaries.

Energy-efficiency – factory-mounted WD thermo-block improves thermal insulation by 15%.


Multifunctional glazing:

  • hardened pane, resistant to hail storm damage.;
  • pane with the Aquaclear self-cleaning coating;
  • blueline Plus pane laminated on the inside;
  • acousticLine soundproof pane;
  • blueTec Plus low-emission pane.


Two modes of operation:

manual – a multifunctional handle at the bottom of the window;

remote – opening with the use of a switch, a remote control, time-based control or a Smartphone/tablet (by means of the BeckerBox cc31central control device)

Modern design – ergonomic shape, the anthracite metallic colour of the applied metal sheet goes perfectly well with the entire roof.

Additional amount of light and effective ventilation for the attic.

Innovative system of the sash adjustment in the roof.


Types of roof windows

Designo R8 – Top-hung roof window Designo R7 – Top-third pivot roof window Designo R4/R6 – Electrical roof window
r8 r7 r4
Window sash opened steplessly to 45°, Single handled operation at the bottom, Double or triple low emissivity glazing, Thermal insulation system pre-fitted, Maximum headroom and panoramic view Top-third opening, Single handled operation at the bottom, Double low emissivity glazing, Optional thermal insulation system pre-fitted, No obstructive sash and comfortable view, Electric centre-pivot opening, Double low emissivity glazing, Optional thermal insulation system pre-fitted*, Reserved for spaces that are difficult to access