Windows PVC Kömmerling from Poland

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We highly recommend energy efficient and ecological windows, manufactured by Tur-Plast company from Poland, which are based on window profiles of KÖMMERLING company. We offer two window systems: KÖMMERLING 76 AD and KÖMMERLING 76 MD white veneered or covered with innovative aluminum overlay. Learn about details of our offer.





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EXCLUSIVE WINDOWS FOR HIGH EXPECTATIONS – structure of window profiles:

New generation of profiles – KÖMMERLING 76 – moves the horizon. KÖMMERLING 76 system is the result of the wealth of experience, many years of research and development, latest structures and computer simulations, numerous trials and tests. KÖMMERLING 76 is the best window system in its class!
Window profiles of KÖMMERLING company feature innovative structure of chambers, which designed under latest technical solutions, perfectly influence better thermal and acoustic insulation and optimal stability of structure altogether with high carrying capacity especially for the application of heavy window panes.
Manufacturers of window profiles KÖMMERLING 76 pay special attention to ecological issues. The best functionality and exceptional thermal insulation at optimal use of materials. KÖMMERLING has long believed in the “greenline” idea, i.e. to produce PVC windows harmful lead may be replaced by ecological lime/zinc.




Manufacturer of KÖMMERLING window systems is appreciated for high quality of the products and continuous implementation of innovative technologies.
KÖMMERLING company was started in 1897 by Karl Kömmerling. Before PVC window profiles were produced the company had offered glues and synthetic resin. In 1957 the company started to produce PVC shutter rollers, and in 1967 it began to mould PVC window profiles of the highest quality.


Long-term experience made KÖMMERLING company the market leader.