windows-kommerling-8-poland-passivfensterKömmerling 88 window system considerably outclasses its competitors and greatly exceeds the standards which were established for requirements related to quality, windows-from-poland-kommerling-88-uwresistance, waterproofness and thermal insulation of windows. For everyone who considers solid windows to serve for many years should learn about the offer for Kömmerling 88 windows.









1. Properties of windows made in Kömmerling 88 window system



  • windows-kommerling-88-from-poland-perfect-thermal-insulationa 7-chamber-window system with a seal inside which significantly influences perfect thermal insulation;










  • windows-kommerling-88-from-poland-for-perfect-staticsMaximally matching steel reinforcements on the whole perimeter of a frame and wings for perfect statics;










  • windows-kommerling-88-from-poland-stable-construction-of-windowStable construction of window wings and high-quality window fittings allow for 3-pane package of maximal glazing range up to 56 mm;











  • windows-kommerling-88-from-poland-sunlight-recoverySlender and maximally stable window profiles enable the use of big glazed surfaces for optimal sunlight in rooms and thus they guarantee a high level of sunlight recovery.











  • windows-kommerling-88-from-poland-thermal-insulationWindows in Kömmerling 88 system meet all required norms which allows for their use in passive houses. The ratio of thermal insulation for a referential window of dimensions 1230x1480mm equals Uw = 0,72 W/(m2K);











  • windows-kommerling-88-poland-wide-colour-palettewide colour palette, from classic whites, through wooden-like, to the latest class of ALUX veneers of the surface looking and feeling like powder coated aluminium.









2. Tests results clearly show that WINDOWS IN KÖMMERLING SYSTEM – belong to the highest class of passive windows – LEARN ABOUT TESTS RESULTS