WINDOWS PVC from Poland – SCHÜCO PROFILES – Excellent energy efficiency through innovative technology


logo-schuco-windowsCorona profiles of the Schüco company allow to make top quality windows. They are available in three different styles: Classic, Rondo and Cava, with five-, six- or seven-chamber profiles and in a wide range of colours and hence, they do not cramp the freedom of designing interiors or facades.

Simplicity is beauty. The profile perfectly combines harmonious shapes and attractive price. It is used in both detached houses and classic multi-family buildings.

Subtle shape. The profile with a slightly convex and light casement line optically narrows the already thin window profiles. The product is a combination of the inspiring design, attractive price and excellent thermal insulation.

Modern and warm. The slightly concave and unique geometry of the casement line makes the optical division more visible and contributes to the noble appearance of window frames. The design is very popular among the architects who value creativity.

Classic form at the highest level. Classic form in accordance with the expectations of modern architecture. High durability of used materials and maximum energy efficiency make it possible to design spacious interiors filled up with light, which are particularly popular in modern buildings.

Subtle form at the highest level. Despite high durability of the used materials and excellent thermal properties of the window, its frame profiles are subtle and narrow, allowing more light into the interior. The profiles are perfect for modern, spacious and energy-efficient constructions.



Corona CT 70

The simplicity and harmony

Windows Schuco classic from Poland - harmony

Corona CT 70

Modern and stylish look

Windows Schuco from Poland - modern

Corona CT 70

The energy-saving windows

windows energy-saving from Poland

Corona SI 82

Windows from the top shelf

windows energy saving solutions from Poland Schuco classic

Corona SI 82

Windows from the top shelf

windows energy saving solutions from Poland Schuco rondo

CT 70 / SI 82
Aluminium covers

The wide selection of RAL colors

windows with aluminium covers

Alu Inside

Scandinavian system windows

windows alu inside nordic from Poland


Maximum design freedom

windows from Poland Schuco - Colour palette