Scandinavian Windows – Schüco Alu Inside Nordic

Scandinavian-Windows-PVC-schuco-alu-inside-nordicThe System has been suited specially for Scandinavian and Northern German market. The characteristic feature of this system is the fact that the windows open outwards and are of the highest stability and perfect parameters of thermal insulation.

The system allows the production of windows with region-specific bolections, stylish glazing beads and special fittings (ASSA ABLOY) of different ways of opening, such as splaying out, Top-Hung or Top-Swing. The system of Schüco Alu Inside Nordic window is certified by Danish Technological Institute.






1. Features of Scandinavian Windows:

  •  the depth of frame profile: 120 mm / weather strip
  • 7-chamber (wing), 11-chamber (frame)
  • value of coefficient of thermal transmittance: Uf = from 1,1 to 0,87 W/m2K
  • glazing set from 24 mm to 52 mm (preferred 2-chamber composition)
  • profiles may be coated with colours of Schüco system (we do not coat the profiles)







2. Types of Scandinavian Windows in Schüco Alu Inside Nordic system


Scandinavian-Windows-PVC-schuco-alu-inside-nordic-Windows-opened-outwardsWindows opened outwards

  •  minimal size:  480 mm – 480 mm
  • maximum size:  1050 mm – 1950 mm

The wing may be reinforced.








Scandinavian-Windows-PVC-schuco-alu-inside-nordic-opened-outwards-top-hungWindows opened outwards – – Top Hung

  •  minimal size:  480 mm – 680 mm
  • maximum size:  1450 mm – 1450 mm

The wing may be reinforced.








Scandinavian-Windows-PVC-schuco-alu-inside-nordic-Outward-sliding-door-top-swingOutward sliding door – Top Swing

  •  minimal size:  480 mm – 680 mm
  • maximum size:  1450 mm – 1450 mm

The wing may be reinforced.









3. Patterns of Scandinavian Windows


Maximum dimensions of white profiles:

  • Maximum length of profiles: 4m
  • Maximum surface: 7m2


Maximum dimensions of colour profiles:

  • Maximum length of profiles (1-cz): 2,5m
  • Maximum length of profiles (2-cz): 2,8m
  • Maximum length of profiles (3-cz): 3m
  • Maximum surface: 5m2






4. Coefficient of thermal transmittance in Schüco Alu Inside Nordic system


Below you can find energy efficient properties of windows of Schüco Alu Inside Nordic system with the use of pane set 36 mm and 24mm.