DOOR FEATURES – Door Fillings – Panels for PVC and Aluminium Doors

The door leaf filling consists of two sandwich panels made of plastic, separated by polyurethane foam. This combination ensures very good thermal insulation of the door. The panels can be enriched with various types of glass and ornamental frames. The surface layer of PVC panels is covered with high-quality acrylic films or varnishes, resistant to weather conditions and UV rays.

Door fillings may be: inset or overlay; made of laminated boards or aluminium; decorated with various frames, glass elements, inlays, cuttings or appliqués; in any chosen colour and structure. The door fillings in our offer are characterised by high resistance to mechanical damage, difficult weather conditions, and noise. With the wide selection of designs, colours and variety of glazing, even the most demanding customers are able to choose a filling they are fully satisfied with.

In addition to the presented models of door fillings, we are happy to make doors according to your individual project.

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