EXTERIOR DOORS from PVC – Kömmerling profiles

Choosing the right door significantly affects the visual effect of any house, giving it a specific character. With the innovative KÖMMERLING 76 AD door system, we are able to design any door structure that meets the individual needs of each client. Please feel free to take a closer look at the set of ready-made door fillings with the highest properties offered by the Polish-based door manufacturer TUR-PLAST.

Characteristic Features of KÖMMERLING 76 AD Door System

  • High anti-burglary protection – up to anti-burglary resistance class of RC2 (Wk2);
  • Optimal distribution of steel reinforcement and angle connectors;
  • exceptional structural stability;
  • Maximum leaf sizes:
    • one-leaf door – 1200 mm x 2400 mm
    • door with a movable post – 1000 mm x 2400 mm
  • Option of embedding special panes and innovative door fillings up to 48 mm;
  • High tightness – double sealing of the sill;
  • Perfect protection against variable weather conditions;
  • Excellent thermal insulation;
  • Unlimited design possibilities thanks to the wide range of colours and various surface structures.

OUTWARD-OPENING DOORS – door sill cross-section Kömmerling 76 AD

1. Narrower leaf

/ door leaf 76205 opening outwards /

2. Wider leaf

/ door leaf 76207 opening inwards /

INWARD-OPENING DOOR – oor sill cross-section Kömmerling 76 AD

1. Narrower leaf

/ door leaf 76204 opening outwards /

2. Wider leaf

/ door leaf 76206 opening inwards /

Kömmerling 76 AD door sill features

/ G060 seals for A065 aluminium drip bar/

/ A061 aluminium drip bar/

/ A076 aluminium threshold /

/ A075 aluminium overlay/

Kömmerling 76 AD door seals made of EPDM

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