Roller Shutters / Sun Protection Covers

External roller shutters: top-mounted and adaptive, concealed and surface-mounted, are an effective way of saving energy. Our external roller shutters will provide you with great thermal and acoustic insulation as well as a sense of intimacy and safety. We offer external roller shutters in PVC or aluminium boxes, concealed or oval surface-mounted.

Adaptive External Roller Shutters

Adaptive roller shutters are installed primarily in buildings where windows have already been installed. However, many of our clients use this type of roller shutters in newly-built houses or in buildings where windows are being replaced.

Top-mounted External Roller Shutters

EXTE is our new versatile system of top-mounted roller shutters for installation on both sides, used in newly-built and renovated houses.

Screen (Reflexol) Covers

The screen-type roller shutter systems offered by Tur-Plast are perfect for protecting rooms with a lot of glazing from excessive insolation. In an extended position, the reflexol-type screens can also be a perfect barrier against insects and various types of pollution.

Accessories / Additions for Roller Shutters and Sun Protection Covers

When choosing roller shutters or sun protection covers, it is best to see the whole range of possible additional solutions that can significantly facilitate the operation and use of the products.

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