Sliding terrace doors are an ideal solution for modern and large interiors. They have a lot of glazing, making them able to optimally light up the room. They have very good thermal insulation (no thermal bridges), and thanks to the modern fittings technology, we can experience real comfort and joy from using large sliding doors. The solutions proposed by Tur-Plast are an alternative to standard double-leaf balconies. Our offer includes solid and exclusive lift-and-slide terrace doors made of PVC and aluminium.

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PVC Sliding Terrace Doors – HS Type – Schüco Profiles

We recommend Schüco ThermoSlide and EasySlide lift-and-slide doors. Even very large wings can be moved easily. The flat and triple-insulated threshold increases the comfort of use and eliminates the risk of a „cold area” at the floor.

PVC Sliding Terrace Doors – HS Type – Kömmerling Profiles

The exclusive PremiDoor 76 lift-and-slide doors recommended in our offer provide exceptional living comfort. The door leaf moves smoothly and noiselessly along the guides. The excellent-quality seals ensure optimal wind- and water-tightness and protects against external noise. In this system, we obtain the highest parameters of thermal insulation.

PVC Sliding Terrace Doors – PSK Type – Schüco Profiles

Our offer includes the currently popular PSK sliding doors (Parallel-Schiebe-Kipp-Tür – parallel-slide-and-tilt doors). These types of structures are built using standard window profiles. After turning the handle from the closed position, the leaf extends into the room, perpendicular to the window plane, and then slides to the side. The door also has a leaf tilt function.

PVC Sliding Terrace Doors – PSK Type – Kömmerling Profiles

We produce PSK-type sliding terrace doors which are an attractive alternative to typical balcony doors. This system allows you to save space that is needed when opening traditional balcony or terrace doors. The PSK doors based on Kömmerling PVC profiles have the option of tilting the leaf in addition to sliding.

ALUMINIUM Sliding Terrace Doors – HS Type – Aliplast Profiles

A modern structure; the use of lift-and-slide fittings in the innovative UltraGlide aluminium system with a low threshold is an excellent solution improving the accessibility of buildings for disabled people. It is possible to use colours from the RAL colour palette, structural colours, wood-like colours, anode, bicolour.

ALUMINIUM Sliding Terrace Doors – HS Type – Aluron Profiles

The aluminium lift-and-slide doors based on the AS 178HS system is a combination of innovative solutions with modern design, creating a new generation of all-glass lift-and-slide doors. With this system, it is possible to build large movable terrace glazing with a low and warm threshold. Its construction mechanisms enable safe and comfortable sliding of heavy leaves, manually or automatically.

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