PREMIDOOR 76 is an innovative system of slide-and-tilt doors with an installation depth of 76 mm. It allows for freedom in the arrangement of terraces, balconies and winter gardens. The large area of ​​glazing optically enlarges the room and provides optimal lighting of the interior. With our solutions, your house will open up to the greenery outside, and the door will perfectly fit into the atmosphere of the interior. Thanks to the modern barrier-free threshold, which is included as standard, you can enjoy maximum comfort and optimal thermal insulation.

System PremiDoor 76 – general information

We offer an innovative system of HS-type lift-and-slide doors with a low threshold. We are a manufacturer of terrace doors in the Kömmerling PremiDoor 76 system. This type of door is an excellent solution in new construction as well as in buildings undergoing renovation.

Advantages of the PremiDoor 76 system

  • Optimum installation depth – 179mm
  • High thermal insulation – up to 1.3 W/m2K
  • Comfort and ease of use
  • Lead-free technology
  • Anti-burglary protection up to Rc2
  • Barrier-free threshold as standard

System cross-sections PremiDoor 76 Kömmerling

TWO VERSIONS TO CHOOSE FROM – PremiDoor 76 and PremiDoor 76 lux. Do you expect the best insulation and protection against noise and burglary? If so, the PremiDoor system is created just for you. We offer doors in the classic PremiDoor 76 system or in the PremiDoor 76 lux version which features an extremely narrow leaf profile.
The unique structure and the slender profile of the leaf as well as the larger glass surface provide more warmth in the room thanks to the high solar radiation heat recovery.

PremiDoor 76
PremiDoor 76 lux
Threshold cross-section PremiDoor 76

Offered opening options in the PremiDoor 76 and PremiDoor 76 lux systems:

One lift-and-slide leaf and one fixed glazing
Two lift-and-slide leaves in the version with a movable post and two fixed glazings

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS for PremiDoor 76 and PremiDoor 76 lux

THE BASE FOR HS Kömmerling PremiDoor 76 should be prepared in accordance with the instructions provided. If the base for the HS-type door is not properly
prepared by the Customer, TUR-PLAST will not perform the installation.
Therefore, the Customer should pay special attention to the quality of the concrete screed for the HS door. A water- and frost-resistant concrete mortar (B25 concrete) should be used. The surface should be perfectly stable, smooth and level.

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