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NEW – DUBLIN window handles

In the offer of the Window and Door Manufacturer TUR-PLAST you will find handles from the DUBLIN Medos collection, featuring futuristic and timeless designs. The handle part is made of aluminium. Available in a classic finish (powder coating) or a modern finish (anodising available in two variants: sandblasted or brushed). We offer versions with a button and a key as well as Dublin de Luxe – elegant thanks to unique cutting.

Window handles Secustic – FKS i HOPPE

For white windows we use aesthetic white handles of the renowned FKS company. For the windows with double-sided veneer we choose handles of the HOPPE company, which offer ergonomic and elegant design.

Available versions of the product:

  • The SECOUSTIK type – the handle is equipped with a patented blocking mechanism preventing any possible manipulation from the outside by moving the boundary fitting. The characteristic click sound at turning the handle signals that the security function is active.
  • SECURE HANDLE WITH A PUSH BUTTON –  the handle can be turned only after pressing the button – it prevents opening a window from the outside, it is a standard option in WK-1 type anti-burglary fittings, and is equipped with an anti-drilling plate as well.
  • ANTI-BURGLARY HANDLE (with a key) – removing the key blocks the door- handle, which cannot be turned – it protects against possible window opening from the outside, it is a standard option in anti-burglary fittings of the WK-2 type. This door- handle type, similarly to the push-button one, is recommended for upstairs balcony doors so as to prevent them from being opened by children.
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