Window mullions

In order to highlight the character of a window, an elevation, or even the particular features of the whole building, we offer muntin windows. These are highly recommended for stylized houses and buildings of the past whose casements used to be split into smaller units because of construction factors and limitations. Consequently, we have included windows with muntins in our offer too. Larger glass surfaces are naturally a better choice to complete modern interiors; nevertheless custom-made muntins can be successfully used with present day architecture.

Wide, structural or glass bond muntins should be applied with care since they reduce the amount of light that is let in, affect thermal insulation, and create some difficulties in cleaning panes.

We can distinguish the following muntin types:


Structural muntins which constitute a part of the window frame and divide the glass pane into smaller, adjacent panes. Their finishing is identical to that of the window frames. Our windows consist of standard transoms and vertical dividers 91 mm wide (the cross pattern is very popular – it splits the window pane into 4 pane units in 1,2 or 4 casements). If the glass should be broken, only one small pane has to be replaced as opposed to single glass pane windows where the entire pane needs to be removed and replaced.


Between the panes muntins are made of aluminium or PVC and placed in spaces between the insulating glass panes. Their colour can match that of the window frames, but they can also be produced in gold or silver options. They are usually supplied in widths of 8, 18, 26 or 45 mm. This type are considered the most convenient type whilst it comes to washing the windows.


Vienna muntins are glued onto the glazing surface. In our windows these are made of PVC with sealed finished edges. The use of a spacing frame inside the glazing unit, imitates the pattern typical for structural muntins. They are available in two widths: 25 and 37 mm. The Venice muntins, which are more popular for wooden windows, provide a similar solution to the Vienna ones. In this case, however, the muntins are glued onto the glazing pane, but neither seal nor distance frame are used.

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