Folding sliding doors


drzwi_harmonijkoweThe TUR-PLAST company manufactures folding sliding doors based on PANORAMA profiles of the ALIPLAST company. This product greatly enriches our offer and gives architects and consumers a better choice in arranging the interiors of their houses.

Applying folding sliding doors in rooms with huge glass surfaces is particularly convenient as the doors open sidewise, creating a passage free of such obstacles as bars/frames or a fixed leaf. This is especially important to owners of houses surrounded by a larger garden, where such a rolled wall of glass and aluminium allows to enjoy beautiful, natural and green surroundings.


harmonijkaPANORAMA System


  • Our folding doors can be opened from one or both sides (please see opening options) In the case that the latter option is selected, we offer two in one’ i.e. a folding unit and a movable bar/frame – therefore airing can be effected by leaving one leaf slightly open.
  • Maximum dimensions of the folding unit: width 10 m, height 2.2 m
  • It is possible to use from 2 to 8 movable leaves, folding symmetrically to both sides or as a whole, to one side.
  • Maximum leaf weight is 100 kg.
  • The doors are equipped either with top or bottom rollers. The latter ones have lower thresholds, about 22 mm in height.
  • Our folding doors are offered in standard colours, i.e. in white and brown, or in any RAL colour.