Screen (Reflexol) Covers

EXTERNAL COVERS (SCREENS) are modern window covers which perfectly protect rooms against excessive insolation and also against insects.

Screens can be operated with a switch, remote control, but also mobile device.

The advantages of SCREENS include the possibility of covering large areas, matching their appearance to the colours of the building, and selecting the degree of shading.

Screens represent a combination of functionality and convenience of use. Retrofitting the covers with weather automation and overload electric drives guarantees their years-long and trouble-free operation, while ensuring the comfort of daily use.


  • Dimensions – Possibility to cover the surface up to a width of 5m or up to an area of 15m2;
  • Operation – Via remote control, switch or mobile device
  • Available boxes – We offer boxes with dimensions of 95 mm, 105 mm, 125 mm.
  • Colour palette – Any colour from the RAL palette
  • Fabric structure – Regular (Soltis) and diagonal (Serge, Nova)

See how SCREEN (reflexol) external roller shutters work

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