PERFECT CONNECTION BETWEEN INTERIOR AND SURROUNDINGS… Schüco EasySlide and Schüco LivIngSlide lift-and-slide doors fill the interior with natural light and provide a beautiful view. The solutions offered by the Polish-based manufacturer TUR-PLAST enable the best use of usable space for work and rest. Energy-saving HS sliding doors are the key to new open spaces where the winter garden smoothly flows into the living space, and the balcony or terrace constitutes a collision-free extension of the usable space. Just move the glazed plane to the side, and the border between the indoor and outdoor space will disappear.

SIX OPENING OPTIONS with one or two sliding leaves. This allows to fine-tune the woodwork to your individual requirements in terms of thermal insulation, dimensions and comfort of use.

TWO SYSTEMS of lift-and-slide doors: Schüco EasySlide and Schüco LivIngSlide. TUR-PLAST is a Polish producer of individual solutions for HS-type sliding terrace doors with a low threshold. We offer comfort in a number of options. Thanks to the system and aesthetic compatibility and flexibility, sliding doors in the Schüco systems can be easily combined with energy-saving and passive Schüco windows.

Schüco EasySlide

Schüco LivIngSlide

PVC Sliding Terrace Doors – HS Schüco LivIngSlide

THE NEWEST Schüco LivIngSlide lift-and-slide door system is precisely designed to meet all the restrictive criteria set for highly energy-efficient houses. Directly from the manufacturer – TUR-PLAST, these terrace doors achieve excellent thermal insulation results. With the use of glass pane with Ug = 0.6 W(m2K), the doors can achieve an excellent heat transfer coefficient, even up to Uw = 0.8 W(m2K).
The leaves with a depth of 82 mm, multi-chamber profiles, a thermally insulated threshold and innovative, weldable EPDM seals provide the best protection against cold and against water vapour condensation, even in the sensitive corner area.

The LivIng Slide doors are an investment that provides long-term benefits in the form of energy saving and perceptible comfort of use regardless of the season, even in strong winds with rain, as well as outside noise.


PVC Sliding Terrace Doors – HS Schüco EasySlide


  • Thermally insulated aluminium threshold with a foamed PA break
  • Sealing along the entire perimeter in three planes
  • Frame width 167 mm
  • Maximum threshold height 46mm
  • Possibility of using base and widening profiles
  • Air infiltration: Class 4 according to EN 12207 ( ≤0,11m3/hmdaPa2/3)
  • Rainwater penetration resistance: Class 8A according to EN 12208 (∆p=450 Pa)
  • Acoustic insulation Rw,p=34-43 dB
  • Maximum height – 2300mm
  • Maximum width – 6500mm

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