Plastic PVC WINDOWS and Aluminium WINDOWS with Polish – warranty and service conditions


1. OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS – operation and safe use of the window


  • Basic functions:







  • ADJUSTMENT (only if needed)






  • IMPORTANT INFORMATION while mounting the shutters

Do not use more than one controlling device to control a single tubular motor and do not use one controlling device for several tubular motors. Improper connection may lead to the damage of the motors.







  • Dismantling the window casementWindows-Poland-MOUNTING INSTRUCTIONS-1


Pull out the pin of the window stay bearing only when the window is closed. Pull out the pin of the window stay bearing as shown, with the mounting handle.












  • Mounting of the window casementWindows-Poland-MOUNTING INSTRUCTIONS-2


Insert the pin of the window stay bearing only when the window is closed. Pin of the window stay bearing
Final mounting
1. Insert the pin of the window stay bearing using your hand
2. Tighten the pin with the mounting handle











The balcony windows and doors manufactured by TUR-PLAST are equipped with high quality MACO MULTI-MATIC envelope fittings. They make the windows convenient, reliable and resistant to wear. To ensure proper and easy operation of the fitting mechanism, it is necessary to:
– grease and lubricate pin points and all the moving parts, at least once a year;
– control fitting elements for firm fastening and the degree of wearing. In the case of fitting damage, replace the broken elements;
– when cleaning the windows, use cleaning and care products which do not affect the anti-corrosion coating of the fittings.
– call the service for any installation and repair works including adjustment of fittings, and in particular, adjustment of the corner hinge and window stays and replacement of the worn out or broken fittings;
– use only grease or machine oil free of resin and acid, designed for envelope fittings.








1. The product has been approved for marketing and using in construction, based on the CE marking and the declaration of conformity according to the PN-EN 14351-1+A1:2010P standard, or for individual use. PPH „TUR-PLAST Czaplinek ul.Pławieńska 7, as the manufacturer of the PVC joinery specified on the bill of sale, shall guarantee that the products are of good quality, in accordance with proper certificates and free of manufacturing defects.


2. The warranty covers PVC joinery:
– mounted in accordance with the installation instructions received by the Buyer
– with no traces of any structural changes made by the user
– Maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
3. The warranty for the products lasts for the period of:
– PVC windows (frames, casements, seals) – 5 years
– HS and PSK sliding doors (frames, leaves, seals) – 5 years
– PVC entrance and terrace doors – 2 years
– Aluminium doors and windows – 2 years
– Tightness of the multiple-glazed units – 5 years
– Shutters: top-mounted, adaptive and flush-mounted – 2 years
– Fittings (for windows and HS and PSK doors), closers, window sills, handles, bars fixed on the glass and other special elements – 2 years.

4. The warranty shall become applicable after full payment for a product. Making a complaint does not release the Buyer from the obligation to pay for the delivered product.

5. The warranty does not cover:
– Defects and damages resulting from improper handling during transport and storing, caused by the Buyer.
– Defects and damages resulting from the installation contrary to instructions, carried out by the Buyer.
– Damages caused by faulty building structure.
– Mechanical damages (cracks, scratches) of profiles and window panes.
– damages caused by users while dismantling window elements, window grating, shutters or other additional equipment which does not comply with the window system standard.
– Products which were removed from one place and installed in another place.
– Damages caused by improper operation and insufficient maintenance.
– Damages caused by getting products dirty during finishing works in buildings, e.g. sparks.
– damages caused by hot and sharp objects.
– Fitting damages caused by dirt (e.g. plaster, mortar) or neglecting periodical greasing of the elements, according to the operating instructions.
– Fogging of the window panes, both inside and outside, caused by improper ventilation or weather conditions.
– Differences in the shades of the window panes resulting from delivering the windows on different days and changing glass manufacturers.
– The optical phenomenon called „Brewster’s fringes (the rainbow effect) or other physical phenomena, typical of float glass.

6. Warranty procedure:
– A complaint should be made in writing and lodged in the place of purchase.
– The manufacturer (seller) as the Guarantor, reserves the right to evaluate and classify faults.
– Warranty service shall be provided only after showing the Guarantor the warranty card and the bill of purchase.
– The manufacturer (seller) shall consider whether the complaint is justified within 14 days of the date of lodging the complaint and repair the recognised faults within 30 days of the date of accepting the complaint.
– For some objective reasons including weather conditions, type of repair etc., the date can be changed, upon prior agreements with the Client.
– Any repairs and their scope shall be recorded in the warranty card.
– To obtain warranty service, the Buyer has to pay the total amount for the purchased product.

7. The manufacturer shall not be responsible for any loss, failure or damage of the product caused by some other factors than the defects in manufacture.

8. The costs of an unfounded complaint shall be incurred by the Buyer.

9. The above warranty conditions shall be in force provided the periodic inspections of the windows are carried out. The inspections shall be carried out by an authorised retailer, at least once a year. The inspections are payable. The costs of individual inspections are established by an authorised retailer.

10. The warranty expires after the time specified in par. 3. The Buyer shall lose the rights provided by the warranty at any time, in the case of:
– Installation, operation or maintenance of the joinery or its elements contrary to the manufacturer’s instructions;
– Introducing any modifications to the windows, not authorised by the manufacturer;
– Lack of the purchase date and the retailer’s signature and stamp in the warranty card;
– Making any corrections in the warranty card by an unauthorised person;
Damaged, incomplete warranty card can be declared invalid.
The warranty is valid in the EU countries, as well as in Switzerland and Norway.