EXTE  is a new, universal roller blind system enabling either side mounting in newly built and renovated buildings. The most characteristic features of the system include:

  • changing position of the inspection flap:
  • at the bottom or at the back of the cassette, or as an alternative, outside of the building. Regardless of the flap position, the cassette capacity does not change;
  • completely new assembly of drives and bearing of the roller blind;
  • universal side guide rail, very easy mounting;
  • division and adjustable rolling; window mosquito nets and unique solutions for door mosquito nets.




We offer two types of roller shutter boxes:

  • EXPERT XT – roller shutter box 185mm x 220 mm, for the window of the height to 2300 mm (height measured together with the box).
  • ELITE XT – roller shutter box 240mm x 220 mm, for the window of the height to 2800 mm (height measured together with the box). The system allows an additional mosquito net to be integrated within.






2. HOUSING – Lamele Aluprof PA 39

PA 39 profile is one of the most popular aluminium profiles. It is so popular that the shutters made of this profile has been used in European houses for years now. Its main features are small width and tapering shape. It rolls up perfectly and fits to even small boxes. Thanks to the foam filling the profile inside, it is well insulated in terms of temperatures and noise. Small weight allows for manual drive, spring drive or electric operation. PA 39 is offered as a perforated version or plain in wide range of colours similar to RAL palette. The profiles are durable in terms of colour and resistance to wear-off. The profile is also resistant to the impact of atmospheric conditions.
Aluminium profiles belong to products which are ecologically clean. The foam inside is free of freon compounds and the paints do not contain cadmium.

 TOP-MOUNTED ROLLER SHUTTERS – colours available







Manual-operation-of-roller-shutterManual operation

Manual operation of roller shutter allows for winding up and down with the use of a retractor (pulling the tape or a rope) or a retractor with a crank handle. For external roller shutters each such option requires effort and time if it is used several times a day.




Electric-operation-of-roller-shutterElectric operation

A drive – a very good quality of engine with mechanical limit switches – Motus Monos produced by NICE company. It has a noiseless gearshift and brakes.






A drive – an engine with in-built radio centre RolTop-868.
– the engine with an in-built radio centre for external roller shutters with electric limit switches, surcharge, which while detecting an obstacle stops and reverses the motion of the roller shutter.
– Intelligent system of detection: the engine adjusts power of action to the size of roller shutters.
– Available setting of final position in a chosen place with the use of assembly cable or a remote controller.
– Slower speed before reaching the position of opening and closing.
– Silent brake (in engines of 3, 5, 8, 10,20 Nm).
– Operating in two-direction radio-system.
– Signals confirming the reception of a command by a receiver.
– Routing system (transferring radio signal between engines), guarantees transfer of a signal from a remote control to the engine.




 4. Available remote controls – ROLLER SHUTTERS







 5. INTEGRATED MOSQUITO NET – solutions for ELITE XT system

ROLLER-SHUTTERS-INTEGRATED-MOSQUITO-NETAn integrated mosquito net in ELITE XT system winds out in a space between housing of a shutter and a window pane. This location of the case does not decrease the capacity of a roller shutter box.
The net with spring mechanism is located in a stabile aluminium case. The net is available regardless the type of a roller shutter. The case with a net inside is simply press-studded in a box between slides. It also insulates box inlet acoustically while winding up and out of a housing.


ROLLER-SHUTTERS-INTEGRATED-MOSQUITO-NET-guideThe roller shutter may also be equipped with a mosquito net even if the shutter is already installed in a window opening. Thanks to universal design of a guide it is possible to install a net guide in a simple and quick manner. After the removal of an end cap, the guide is pressed into an open chamber of a shutter guide. The maximum height of a roller shutter with an in-built mosquito net must not exceed 2550 mm.




INTEGRATED MOSQUITO NET – available options








– additional energy saving. The legal requirements regarding thermal insulation properties of cassettes in Germany are very strict. As the system is manufactured in this country, it is subject to the national regulations set in the Energy Saving Regulations (EnEV). According to the document, in new buildings, a blind cassette is considered to be a part of an external wall. In such a case, it is required to prove the accordance with the examples included in Appendix 2 of the DIN4108 standard. That is why, architects can do calculations taking into account a reduced heat transmission coefficient of a thermal bridge. The EXTE  roller blind system provides excellent thermal insulation, according to applicable regulations.