Custom windows – special shape windows


okno_modeloweOur production does not focus solely on standard, rectangular windows. In order to meet our clients needs and expectations, we have established a separate division which deals with manufacturing of non-standard windows (arch, circle, triangle or trapezium-shaped). We can provide these in a wide range of systems and colour versions.



Professional machinery allows us to perform certain activities such as the flexing or welding of arches so as to decrease the lead time of orders. We are able to produce all sorts of arches: semi-circular, segmental, three-centered, reversed and ogee. The method used allows for the flexing of arches while preserving straight extension elements with both large and changeable radiuses, as customized to individual needs and designs.


The applied flexing technology involves heating a profile to its plasticizing temperature within a liquid environment, and then forming it into the desired shape. Our high quality flexing line allows detailed temperature control, which in turn enables us to obtain an excellent surface standard on the flexed profiles, both white and veneered.



Here are the key rules worth remembering while designing slanting windows:


  • the flexing diameter of the window frame CANNOT be smaller than: 840mm for the CT70 CLASSIC, CT70 RONDO and CT70 CAVA profiles, and 984mm for the SI82 RONDO / SI82 CLASSIC profile.
  • the flexing diameter of the window frame with a casement CANNOT be smaller than: 1190mm for the CT70 CLASSIC and CT70 RONDO window types, 1394mm for the CT70 CAVA window type, and 1530mm for the SI82 RONDO / SI82 CLASSIC series
  • profile flexing affects the width by ~1mm, and height by ~1,5mm
  • the tolerance range of the exterior diameter may be up to ~5mm